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How I fought procrastination 


We all can get overwhelmed with excess of work and that is solved with good planning and efficient time management it may be harder to do than it sounds but at least it has a clear solution compared to when you simply procrastinate and not do the job even though you have plenty of time for it , and that can really cause some mental harm if it occurs on daily basis !


Procrastination is simply delaying tasks ! People that have this issue tend to do easier activities like sleeping, playing or going out just to gain some distraction about the important stuff . and those people are generally seen as either lazy or reckless but sometimes the problem is bigger than that if it's related to a mental issue like depression , bipolar disorder or adhd .


I was an extreme procrastinator. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and i will share some of the practices I did to win the battle and get my work done , but if you are feeling consistent sadness , severe mood swings or continuous inattention and hyperactivity please contact a specialist because you may need professional help.



Tomorrow you'll do better 


If i cannot save the day , i look forward for tomorrow i ‘ll do better tomorrow , you ll have a bigger chance of breaking the habit if you write everything down in some notebook and read them first thing in the morning , with everything i mean the tasks you do , even if you have done nothing useful just write down how you ve spent your day , i remember in my first pages i was like ‘i watched youtube’ , ‘watched youtube again’ .. it ll be like reminder of how much time you waste , this will help to push you to do better things .


Eat a frog first thing in the morning



Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”. And he means if you do something that really sucks for you first thing in the morning you ll have a very productive day and nothing can ruin you day , My frog was waking up really early and workout and that really helped not only with procrastination but with my mood changes , i spend the day with less negative energie simply because in my head my day is already great .


MinMax effort



You wont procrastinate for life, but also you won't be able to focus every single day to do a certain project , so instead of doing nothing at all put a minimum effort that you can perform in your bad days and use it to do a subtask , and bear in mind that you should choose wisely this minimum because you ll perform it everyday no matter how you are feeling or what happened to you that day . and use your maximum effort when you wake up in a good mood  .. the small tasks are very important because they will accumulate and help you shorten the period between the good mood days . 

You can do it too


Procrastination is not a mental issue but it can lead to some really serious problem , so it doesn't matter how serious it is or in what stage you are, you should just start changing your habits today and i am sure those technique will push you toward a better you .

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