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  • 2021-06-18 01:37:20
"Free Fire": an escape from reality of practical Arab combat, or a living experience in a virtual environment?

Even with the advent of the second decade of the twenty-first century, the Arabs are still witnessing at every moment the erosion of the Palestinian field by the Zionist entity, which has been "vomited by Europe" in the words of the Jewish writer and historian "Shlomon Sand" and the destruction of the old Syrian Empire and the continued grief of Yemen ... Such destructive peculiarities are distinguished in the Arab world, and its peoples are misguided in the face of their inability to confront the enemies of states and of the nation. But the question here is what is the relevance of this subject to the subject of a hypothetical video game. If we examine the problem, we will find an old connection between the two topics. Especially since what unites the game and the Arab world is what is happening, that is to say war, murder and destruction, and therefore it is the generation of the second decade of the XXI century which is heading towards a virtual video game that takes place on an island and that the object of the game is to kill everyone who is on the borders of the island. To survive and earn that word "Boyah" and at the same time to satisfy a militant tendency which has always been submerged by disappointments and defeats against shameful enemies who have impeded the progress of the Arab world and could not fight it on field.

It seems that the common tendency of subjects today to the hypothetical realm is not absurd, and it is not empty, but rather has its goals. In light of the failure of the Arab revolutions which left behind the subversive facts of the ancient civilizations of Iraq and Syria and the bloody crimes, which the peoples of the Arab world and their youth were able to establish the Arab world and its progress in resisting the enemies of the non-recognition and civilization of the Zionist entity to any entity that supported this miserable project. In addition to projects that deplete resources and abort the protest movements that have forced these peoples to migrate and live below the poverty line.

From this we understand that each incident has its own causes. Today, the majority of youth groups are heading to this hypothetical field to practice this activity, which the Arab rulers have practically forbidden to their people. Thus, the different groups go hypothetically to the borders of the island of "Bermuda" or "Berghatori" to satisfy these combat desires and achieve military achievements, even in the virtual domain. There are different forms of weapons that are not available in reality. And which are used as tools to

free the peoples of the Arab world from any enemy of the nation or the homelands

Here's what it looks like from the first angle. And it is a second matter for us, for example, to talk about the desires to raise the level of "adrenaline" through virtual murder, which would generate an imaginary energy that could bring relief and if we thought formally to the seriousness of this failure which has occurred since the liberation of these colonial peoples in the last century. Thus, the majority of individuals are, despite the realistic bloody failure they have always known. They achieve comfort, even if it is illusory, because it is able to reach a comforting energy, unlike the dreams that remain drawn in the minds of these groups.

And the problem to be solved in such situations. Otherwise, these hypothetical wars that the Arab peoples are waging today could be an advanced form of recruiting and training to wage wars of liberation. Especially with all the moves and weapon types in the game that are taken from the practical reality of wars in addition to the means of fire, movement, and artifacts? Isn't this a new form of preparation and recruiting, which at any time can be exploited by a people revolting against a world where progress is uneven among countries in a way that many may consider illegal? due to the fact that they are based on the depletion of resources, occupation and sabotage of civilizations?

Written by: Ameny MEJRI

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