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  • 2021-06-18 00:45:16
"Gaming" neglected despite its importance: causes of failure between inaction and lack of financial resources.

Frequent complaints launched by everyone associated with the electronic sports sector and they seek the Ministry of Youth and Sports action to benefit as much as possible from this field, which in other countries provides millions of dollars to the state's treasury in addition to attracting young people, which constitutes a very important solution to the country's economic and social problems such as poverty and unemployment, Since this sector has become an open global market. With the launch of the "League of Legends" World Championship (which is a very popular strategy game in Tunisia and all over the world) every year, all those interested in this game start to wonder about the reasons why Tunisia is absent from this global event, especially when its total prizes reach 2.225 million Dollars and conducting them in highly developed centers that contribute to the development of technological, information and communication levels for all participating countries. Despite the interest of more than 400,000 players in electronic sports, according to a statistic published by the Tunisian Association for Video Games, their practice of it does not go beyond the scope of entertainment and filling leisure time, as the state did not provide suitable spaces to encourage the development of this field and give new opportunities to its younger generations while it is being watched. Tunisian youth, on the screens, are international stars that shine in the sky of these games of the same ages.

Today, Tunisian youth are carefully searching for the mistakes that the state commits against him that impede his ambitions, but fans of electronic games are usually intelligent, so their demands were quick to reach and strong in tone, so they turned the arrows of criticism towards the government's policy of ignoring this area, as most of them see that The Ministry of Youth and Sports is not fulfilling its duty to organize and finance the creation of frequent and continuous competitions, which constitutes an obstacle for them to emerge on the world stage, said the player Yassin Bouchaala, a student at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management in Sfax who plays the games "League of Legends" and "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" Among the reasons for the state’s neglect of this field is its laziness towards providing material support to make progress in a new field in addition to the absence of sponsors due to their lack of awareness of the importance of the electronic sports sector. Also, officials in the Ministry of Youth and Sports consider video games as “children's games” and are limited to entertainment and fun He added that this idea is very provocative and raises a big question about the extent of success in appointing competencies capable of running such

ministries. These reasons were totally rejected by an official in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, holding responsibility for those who control the capital and support certain budgets, considering that it is necessary to ask private individuals and sports clubs about these matters. “It is not our business to look for new sports gains that exceed our capabilities,” and stressed that they carry out their duties on The most complete face and their relentless attempts for the advancement of sport and the necessary attention to "youth of the future". But despite the excuse of the lack of financial means, the League of Legends player Helmy Mahdi considers that the ministry is evading its responsibilities. Still, and did not announce any new measures in support of this project, neither initiative nor encouragement!

Going back to the level of the Tunisian player in this field, it has become necessary to look for quick solutions to sharpen his talent and use it to the maximum to represent his country in international events, according to what Yassin Bouchaala said. "The level of the Tunisian player is among the best at the African and Arab levels, if not the best." The necessary conditions of support exist, so the level of players will undoubtedly increase to compete in international competitions. For example, I remember the player Ali Kaaloul, who was the first Tunisian to reach the world level in the League of Legends game, and even surpassed many world stars, but the lack of support was an obstacle for him . As for the player Ali Qa'loul, considered as the best in Tunisia, he expressed the need to allocate a respectable budget to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and to structure the sector in partnership with the Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy and to consider electronic sports as a sport, adding that there is no justification for failure in this area, and that it is unreasonable to blame sports clubs or properties, referring both to the creation of the Esperance de Tunis and the coastal sports star for the branches specialising in electronic sports.

Negligence that leads to wasted employment opportunities

What the players have described as "neglect and carelessness" was confirmed by Magdy Hassan, the executive adviser of the Arab Institute of Business Leaders, who expressed his regret that Tunisia has not exploited the field of "gaming" >> It should not be forgotten that this sector represents a world market which generates enormous profits, and we know very well that the market is always linked to the issue of employment, so where does the quality of the training of coaches and commentators for e-sports and programmers who can exploit their capacities in their own countries instead of looking for jobs in other countries come from, won't these jobs reduce the problems of unemployment? Especially for those with higher education qualifications. << This idea is consistent with what Khaled Halwi, the former

CEO of the German video game company "Big Point", said, calling for belief in the possibility of developing esport at the national level and then training teams of Tunisian players to compete with anyone anywhere in the world, believe that the consolidation of this idea will open a big door to hire a large number of people looking for work opportunities in the fields of programming, technology, communication, commentary, activation and design because "play is necessarily linked to anime (animation works), music, dance, intercommunication and intercultural communication. Competition centres that will employ dozens of employees, so what skills will be sought to develop by finding suitable opportunities?

All these questions seem logical in case the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment does not provide convincing excuses for its lack of participation and initiative in the success of this field. To achieve some of his objectives that he sets within programs and mechanisms guaranteeing the success of his roadmap, according to an employee of the National Training Center, Training and Training, “The Ministry of Employment will not refuse to cooperate with the rest of the public and private institutions if asked to do so, as it always seeks to encourage creating employment opportunities. "But waiting for initiatives to support them will not contribute to anything and will not change the slowness in obtaining benefits in this area. In this context, the international expert, the accountant Abdel Jalil Bouchaala, stressed the need to the initiative of the Ministry of Employment to activate measures in favor of areas favored by young people. will follow as they seek strategic sites in which to invest in technology-related areas.

And because these fields have become world leaders and have remarkably influenced countries' economies, it has become necessary to abandon the policy of lethargy and slowdown and adopt new policies to keep pace with the rapid pace of technological development that the world needs, an area that can open up wide horizons based on innovation, initiative and youthful spirit. Tired of social routine and political repetition, and perhaps signs of renewal may appear in the near future through the expected attempts of the new government to support the newly created Tunisian University of Electronic Sports, but until expectations are met, the efforts of this university remain a dead letter, even though it is starting to work quickly. To form candidate teams to participate in the next Arab championship. But who knows! Perhaps it will also start preparing files to complain about the lack of financial and moral support, but this time the means may be different.

Written by: Amir CHAARI

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