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  • 2021-08-01 23:18:26
The dream of "illegal immigration" occupies the Tunisian mentality

"So, do you know a tip for an illegal smuggling?" With this question, the Tunisian citizen begins his journey through illegal immigration, and here we are not only talking about young unemployed people or senior graduates. We talk about everyone. Everyone in Tunisia is interested in illegal immigration, children in school, young people in university, old men and even families are thinking of escaping, yes it is an escape from a reality painful and the solution is illegal immigration to set foot on European lands, throwing themselves with their hopes in the Mediterranean in the hope of finding a better life, shelter and meeting the simplest needs of life; or a job, a house and a car.

  Many see Europe as paradise, so they rush into it without thinking and cross all borders to get to the old continent. If you ask for the reason, everyone blames unemployment, poverty, marginalization, hardship and high cost of living in light of the economic crises that the state is going through. Everyone looks to the most dangerous solution and I don't know why some consider it the best, as the result is either arrival, death, imprisonment, failure or despair.

Most of the Tunisian coast is a meeting point for immigrants from all over the country, and it is the starting point, but what awaits them on the other side of the Mediterranean? Is this continent a “paradise” that everyone has dreamed of, or does this paradise hide another dark world behind it? Despite the many questions, there is hope ... And there is no despair after paying huge sums of money to the supervisors of this process? Yes, gangs make money to transport immigrants from Tunisian lands to European lands. It doesn't matter if the operation fails, the most important thing is that you pay up front to reach your goal and make your dreams come true, or end up with whales, drowning, death or imprisonment. You think of "illegal immigration", that's all that awaits you. Don't be too happy. If you arrive safe and sound on one of the coasts of Italy, Malta or France, it is possible to bring you back to where you came from. Either you find the jail waiting for you or the neighbourhood cafe to tell your peers, neighbours and everyone about your adventure .. But there are those who never surrender and repeat over and over again until he becomes a "policeman of the sea" and that surreptitiously crossing the border has become a normal matter for him. On the other hand we see the tears of mothers impatiently awaiting the return of their sons and live each day in suffering, while hoping that each time he stops thinking about immigration, but it is no use, and there are many painful stories produced. A number of Tunisian films and series have been able to portray a reality similar to the truth in order to bring the real image closer to the recipient.

But the question that arises, is the state a member of the gang? What does the state do for control? How long will the sea continue to throw bodies of victims? And how does Europe welcome all these young people every year?

Written by Sahar HAFSA

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