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  • 2021-08-02 01:07:33

Contrary to what many believe that the era of modern discrimination is over and that there are laws that criminalise racism and protect all those who are subjected to one of its types, the reality is completely different.

Human history has seen many types of injustices that have been practiced throughout the ages. These are practices, the least to say about, terrifying  which have led many people to wonder how a person can be so cruel in treatment of others ?

One of the most common social phenomena often associated with cruelty, injustice and violence is the phenomenon of racism or racial discrimination on basis of colour, a phenomenon that humanity has known for centuries, and we still live under its influence today.

Contrary to what many people think that the era of modern discrimination is over and that there are laws that criminalise racism and - protect all those who are exposed to one of its forms, the reality is completely different. Perhaps the case of the American George Floyd, who has occupied world public opinion in general, and Americans in particular, is the greatest testimony to the fact that racism is present in all societies and is not the monopoly of one society. Lately George Floyd murder is just a glimpse of what black people suffer and reminds us to injustice that affected this category including violence, exploitation, slavery, rape, murder and torture "Blacks began in America as workers with no rights, and the states of South America depended on them, especially for the cultivation and harvesting of cotton and wheat, and their wives were used as servants, and their sons as property from birth under the command of the cruel masters. They treated their employers as almost non-human. This white community almost doesn’t matter about black lives. After all, they were "not citizens, and they had no right to education, development, any position, etc.". not even marriage "according to the national Geographic "site" in an article on its site published in the year" 2016 ".

Not only America but the whole world was guilty to varying degrees, the situation later changed and we passed the stage of slavery and we moved on to the racism which is a mentality for some young people today. We notice overruns against people with black skin by cursing them or pronouncing racist expressions and of course education has something to do with it, moreover it is very difficult to accept a person with black skin today. in society because it is an essential criterion to determine the social position, (many refuse to have a black superior at work), the rank and the economic situation. In some countries, and as soon as you are a black person, you are a thief or you work with gangs or a criminal. All immoral acts are the monopoly of black people, so the difference becomes a curse and creates chaos in the society through continuous struggle between blacks and whites due to a difference in skin color, the problem does not affect not only social peace but also psychological stability which undergo racism in particular children who prefer isolation and estrangement from society, sometimes some react

violently against racism and in this case the law applies, but against who !! There are many associations that try to apply the law to all those who practice some form of racism, but the enforcement of these laws is less, or the perpetrator is punished as little harm as possible, which means that 'they are not punished enough ... for how long !! When will the black person's worldview change !! Are blacks sinners in these practices !! Is there a world without racism !! Is the success of some black-skinned people in political, social or artistic life considered a change and a qualitative shift towards science without racism?

Written by: Sahar HAFSA

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