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  • 2021-08-02 00:13:57


Bloggers who meet the following requirements may apply for accreditation:

  • The blog has existed for at least one month
  • At least three publications shared on I Blog
  • Quality content
  • If the blog is a team work, a maximum of two people will be accredited and each team member must apply for accreditation individually.
  • All applications that do not meet the requirements will be rejected.
  • The accreditation expires after 6 months from the last publication on I Blog

Processing of this application does not imply confirmation of automatic accreditation. Applications must be validated; if yours doesn’t meet the validation requirements you will be notified.
The organizers reserve the right to revoke an application even if it has already been approved if the user publishes or shares any content the organizers deem to be offensive, abusive, inappropriate, or offensive to any person, organization, or group. Likewise, the organizers reserve the right to revoke any request if the user shares or publishes illegal content or promotes a fraudulent use of leisure or cultural content. The organizers reserve the right to modify the conditions and requirements for accreditation applications.

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