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  • 2021-08-02 01:28:29

El Manifesto

iBlog is an online platform created by I WATCH organization to create a space for young people to publish posts of articles, videos and photos. This site aims to urge young people to express themselves and incites them to analyze various topics from their own point of view.

iBlog contains a variety of media production, including podcasts and academic videos.

Our goals:

Providing a space for young bloggers to express their opinion in public affairs Strengthening citizen journalism Simplifying the information by promoting the idea of ​​alternative media through modern digital technologies Seeking to integrate young people in the media sector from various disciplines and develop their media and technology
skills Defending freedom of expression and blogging rights Illuminating public opinion with academic contents

What do we provide?

Trainings to young bloggers to enhance their skills in the media sector

Providing production tools to help bloggers create and innovate Enable platform users to integrate into the journalistic sector

Protecting their personal data and copyrights

Facilitate the process of publishing youth blogs and their work to a specific audience. 

Our principles:

Credibility Neutrality Respect for human rights

Not to incite hatred and racial or regional discrimination

Respecting personal data

Respect intellectual property Defending freedom of expression.


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